Terms of Use
In visiting, utilizing information, or advertising with us, you agree to abide by the terms of use listed below. “Bridetodo” or “We” is owned by LLC, is a neutral informational website for the wedding industry in the United States.. By using “Website” you agree to these terms. If you do not agree to these terms do not use or visit this Website. Terms and Conditions may change periodically without notice. We encourage “Vendors” and “Visitors” to review the terms and conditions periodically to ensure your compliance. This agreement is effective March 1, 2012.

Visitors are encouraged to utilize all tools, ideas, and vendor information in order to make planning their wedding simpler. All tools, ideas, and vendor information is free to all visitors, and no registration is required.  Bridetodo requires Vendors to have written consent and/or copyrights to any images uploaded on the Website. Bridetodo is not liable for images that are uploaded unlawfully. Any images that are found to be uploaded without consent from image owner will be removed immediately. If there is an image that is owned by you and placed on the website without permission please email to have the image removed.

Bridetodo does not endorse any vendor on the Website. Visitors are responsible for researching the vendor’s qualifications and expertise. All agreements and contracts made between Vendors and Visitors are between the parties involved. Bridetodo is in no way associated or responsible for the fulfillment or liable for any services rendered.  Any disputes between visitors and vendors will be handled between the two parties. Bridetodo is in no way liable in any disputes or lawsuit. All information given by visitors to vendors are given directly to the vendor. Vendors are responsible for keeping personal information given by Visitors confidential and secure. This is information is not to be harvested, sold, shared with any other parties without the Visitors consent.

Visitors must be at least 18 years of age, and legally able to sign legally bidding contacts and agreements between themselves and vendors.

Vendors are responsible for displaying accurate information in their listing. Vendors are required to comply with all requirements to do business lawfully in their service area. Vendors are not to use any vulgar or inappropriate images or content in their listing. Any violators will be removed from the Website, and forfeit any monies paid. Vendors are responsible to keep their access secure and not to distribute their access information with non-administrators of their company’s listing. Only vendors with a business addresses in the United States and primary business fall under the search category will be eligible for a listing and advertising..

Bridetodo holds the right to remove any vendor listing that has had multiple complaints against them by Visitors. Removal of listing from the site due to complaints will not be entitled to a refund for any monies paid.

Bridetodo does not assist Vendors with reaching agreements between Vendors or Visitors. Bridetodo is in no way liable for any contracts or transactions made between Vendors and Visitors. Vendors are required to only list services they are legally able to provide. Vendors must be at least 18 years of age, and able to form legally bidding agreements and contracts.


  • Providing false information.
  • Uploading images that you do not have written permission to display or copyright.
  • Impersonate another person or entity.
  • Upload vulgar or inappropriate images or content.
  • Access a vendor listing that you do not have permission from owner.
  • Purchase a vendor listing without meeting all requirements for doing business in the service area you serve.
  • Vendors must be at least 18 years of age. Vendors must be eligible to enter into verbal and written contracts and agreements with visitors.
  • Offer to provide any services that are against the law.
  • Use this website to break any laws.
  • Use information on this website to send unsolicited emails.
  • Use site if your listing has been removed for not following the terms of use or privacy policy of this Website.

Right to Remove or Deny:
Bridetodo has the right to remove any listing that has been found to provide inaccurate  or misleading information regarding their products or service offerings. Bridetodo reserves the absolute right to reject any vendor we wish. Bridetodo has full right to remove, not list any vendor listing, for any reason and at our full discussion. All listings will be removed after listing period has expired if renewal has not been paid.

Visitor Fees: There are currently no fees associated with viewing, downloading, or search information on Bridetodo’s Website. is a free website to the visitors.

Vendor Fees: Vendors whom primary services and products fall under one of our search categories are encouraged to sign up for a free listing. Vendors are able to upgrade their listing at anytime to one of our paid advertising plans. These plans are a monthly contract, and can be canceled, transfered, upgraded, or downgraded at anytime.

 Protection of Intellectual Property Content: uses copyrighted materials, inventions, know how, potentially patentable business practices, logos, designs, html code, php code, and other web development code all are sole property of Bridetodo. Visitors and Vendors are prohibited to reproduce the website layout, designs, and tools.

Information you Submit:
Visitors: Visitors are not required to register to utilize any information, tools, or ideas on the Website. Visitors may at their own discretion may provide personal contact information to vendors on the Website. All information given will be directly emailed to vendor. Visitors may not hold bridetodo liable for any misuse of their contact information by vendors.

Vendors: Are required to submit their billing information, storefront information, email address, website domain, product/service category..

Bridetodo Contractors: 
To provide an array of wedding industry professionals on bridetodo, we may provide personal information collected by us to our third party contractors whom work on behalf of Bridetodo to better serve our Visitors and Vendors on the Website. Contractors have no rights to share your personal information.

Warranty. Bridetodo does not provide any warranties to visitors or vendors. The Bridetodo website and the services available within the site are “AS IS” without any warranty of any kind.  Bridetodo does not guarantee that the sites information, ideas, and vendor services will meet the needs of its visitors. Nor, guarantees that vendors listings will directly increase their product or service revenues or traffic.

Links to Other Sites: 
Links provided on Bridetodo are merely for Visitor convenience and Vendor exposure.  Bridetodo does not guarantee the link functionality and availability. Any broken links that you experience, please report to for our review. Because these sites are not the responsibility of Bridetodo it is important to review the individual sites terms of use and privacy policy.

Any disputes between you and Bridetodo regarding the website please contact . We will attempt to handle all disputes you have with Bridetodo. We are not responsible for handling any disputes vendor and visitors have between themselves.

 Limited Liability: 
In no way will bridetodo, its employees, officers, or contractors be liable for any damages, indirect damages, loss of revenue, or damages of any kind related to the use or inability to use this Website. We are in no way liable for loss of profits, lawsuits filed against, or any other vendor that has a dispute with a visitor. Nor, are we in any way responsible for the emotional or financial losses or damages by any visitors from the contract or agreement made as a result of viewing a listing on Bridetodo.

Opt Out
All vendors have the option to remove their listing from Bridetodo at anytime. Removing your information and canceling your listing is easy completed through an email to No monies will be refunded for removing your listing from the website.

Contacting Us:
Please feel free to contact bridetodo at anytime by emailing

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